A YouTube video captioning platform

Create subtitles for YouTube videos

Paste a YouTube video link and generate automatic subtitles or caption videos using the subtitle editor.
New 💥

Set up your YouTube channel for automatic multi-language subtitles

One-time setup. Your YouTube channel will have OpenAI captions on every new video you post, automatically.

⭐️ Integrate

Login or register with a Google account and connect your YouTube channel.

🌍 Choose languages

Choose the languages you want captions on your videos.

👀 Review Plans

You can try any plan for free for a week. No payment info needed. After that you can either signup for a paid plan, or use the free version.

🚀 Activate*

Once you finished all steps, you just need to click a button to start. You can pause it any time.

*Once activated, every new video you post on YouTube will be automatically captioned with the languages you selected within 24 hours. You don't need to do anything, the subtitles will be already published on your YouTube video.

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