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Free YouTube subtitle editor

A subtitle editor made for YouTube.

Polish Captions

Easily fix auto-generated captions, translate and add styles to YouTube subtitles.

Publish to YouTube

Publish your captions directly to YouTube with a single click.

Community Captions

Contribute to the community by creating captions. The YouTuber can publish them with a single click.

OpenAI Integration

Auto-generate subtitles with OpenAI's Whisper. Better quality subtitles than YouTube's auto-generated captions.

Download YouTube captions

Download all YouTube subtitles in multiple formats.


Autopilot for YouTube captions

OpenAI captions on every video you publish on YouTube. Automatically.

Better auto-generated captions with zero effort.

Set up once, forget about it.

Whenever you publish a new video on YouTube, it will be automatically captioned and have OpenAI subtitles in it.

YouTube + OpenAI
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