How it works

*These tutorials work for everyone => subtitlers, viewers and YouTubers.*

How to create subtitles

1 Search video by its URL/link.
2 Click "Create subtitles"
You can either upload an existing subtitle file, or click "Create subtitles" to go to the editor.
3 Use the editor to create your captions and in the end save them.
4 Watch the video with your subtitles by leaving the editor and going to the video page. You can also download them any time and publish them on YouTube if you are the YouTuber. Here is a YouTube tutorial for uploading subtitles.

How to view and share subtitles

1 Search video by URL/link or title/channel.
3 Watch, share or embed the video page with the selected subtitles.
To embed the video with the subtitles from Captionfy on your site, follow the embed dialog instructions.