Two (often overlooked) ways community captions can help your YouTube channel grow.

May 10, 2021

Since I started working on Captionfy I have learned a lot more about the benefits of having captions on your Youtube videos, especially if these captions were made by your fans. The goal in this article is to share my view on two not often discussed benefits of using community subtitles in your channel.

1 - Your fans who help captioning your videos are very passionate about your channel and content

Captioning videos is a time demanding process, and being thankful to the ones who are willing to do this is very important. This whole process leads to more and more visitors to your channel, and more fans interested in helping it grow. I for example feel really appreciated when I provide captions for a video on Youtube via Captionfy, and the Youtuber actually uploads my captions to the video.

2 - Many captioners users create subtitles to practice a foreign language while doing something that may help others.

This means that they are helping your channel grow in another language, and also learning by doing so. I myself am always trying to improve my German, and I have just started watching more German Youtubers, along with trying to create captions for them. If it wasn’t for community captions, I would have probably never tried captioning a video with the purpose of practicing a new language. This is a really nice way to promote your content in other countries, and also gain passionate viewers in your community.

Final considerations

I never find anything about these topics when I research about community captions. In my perspective, subtitlers/captioners are amazing people trying to help others with their skills, and appreciating their work and motivating them to do even more can only do good to your channel.

There are many (very many) other benefits of having community made captions on your videos which are not covered here, this article is to share my view on something new, which I don’t see being discussed very often.

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